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Scientific Manuscript Editing Service

To get published in top international journals and contribute to the scientific community, it is a must for scholars to not only achieve significant findings but also convey their thoughts/ideas in a clear manner. Even the best manuscript requires editing to ensure logical flow, sentence structure, linguistic errors and other writing ethics. Our team via scientific manuscript editing service removes language barriers helping you meet the stringent scientific and language standards of high-impact journals.

Parameters we look for while editing your manuscript

  • 1 Language UsedThe editor will check & eliminate grammatical & punctuation errors and also will look for apt incorporation of jargon, scientific words, non-academic words (where, were, etc.).
  • 2 Content AccuracyWe determine if the argument reflects the objective of your study, accuracy of facts, tables, figures, results, etc. Additionally, we also check for methods used & presentation of the context.
  • 3 Flow of InformationEditors will thorough go through each section and ensure there is logical flow between paragraphs or information.
  • 4 Formatting StyleWe ensure that formatting style (APA 6th ed, MLA 8th version, etc.) adhering to the rules of target journal is implemented throughout the manuscript.

A manuscript editing will be better off when done by editors possessing a blend of scientific know-how and passion for language. Having refined several scientific manuscripts successfully, we can polish a lengthy piece of writing of any complexity. Besides making your work error-free we may also suggest the addition of evidence to back your argument.

Get rid of pesky errors and submit your manuscript without fearing rejection. All you have to do is Email us at info@academicresearch.com.my.

Interested in our service? Here’s how you can reach us!