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Plagiarism removal service

Plagiarized content can get you in trouble, your research document rejected and years wasted. There is no doubt that plagiarized content needs immediate attention and expert help. While we understand that plagiarism is both intentional and unintentional, the academic fraternity disregards both equally. It is unethical and attracts rebukes from review committee. Especially so in case of scientific, medical, law research works, plagiarism tends to be high owing to usage of definitions, quotes, acts, etc. using different tactics to nullify or remove this plagiarism is the only resort for research scholars. Taking external service provider’s help is therefore advised, and a wise decision.

How can you engulf yourself in the trap of plagiarism?

  • 1 Missing or Skipped CitationsAny pre-published research statement, idea or findings cannot be used without giving proper referencing or citation to the author.
  • 2 Definitions and TermsEven if you want to reiterate on some previously given terms or definitions, one cannot simply copy the definitions as it is.
  • 3 ParaphrasingThe issue doesn't end at merely re-writing content from published resources, i.e., simply paraphrasing the research works of other researchers.
  • 4 Re-stating Other Findings as YoursUsing other research work’s findings to add up to yours without referencing or giving credit to the source is not appreciated among academia.

Our team of academic writers and editors have years of experience in writing, editing and proofreading lengthy research documents from different subject fields under the sun. Knowledge about basics to university-specific rules and regulations adopted by academic research over the years gives them an upper edge in serving scholars academically compliant and publication worthy documents.

To know more about our service, write to us at info@academicresearch.com.my.

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