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Phd Data Analysis

Primary data (original data) is essential for obtaining precise research outcomes. Expressed in terms of numerical value, the quantitative primary data aims at testing the existing ideas. Collecting valid data and performing data analysis accurately include complex process and obligates extensive knowledge on data collection & analysis technique or tools. With deep insights to data and expertise in managing complex & huge data, our statisticians can help you collect, analyse and interpret data, while guiding you through each step.

A glance at our comprehensive quantitative primary data analysis service

  • 1 Data CollectionWe collect primary data via conducting surveys Email, SMS, QR code, etc.) or through experimental methods.
  • 2 Data AuditGather data is examined to determine & choose information that are relevant and useful to your study.
  • 3 Data AnalysisWe use popular tools such as SPSS, STATA, SAS, EViews etc. and techniques including ANOVA, regression test, & so on to perform data analysis.
  • 4 Interpret ResultsThe final outcome of the process is interpreted and determined if the hypothesis can be rejected.

Our statisticians adopt best approach to collect data and analyse them. Whatever may be the nature of your research, we can work on them to deliver you the accurate results. Whether you want to handle inferential statistics or descriptive statistics, we can help you with all of them.

All you have to do is keep us informed about your requirements at info@academicresearch.com.my.

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