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Research Gap Identification

Research topics most commonly flow from certain gaps observed in literature. Simply put, research gaps in already published literature resources give rise to the need for more research which caters to those missed issues. As claimed by most academicians, research work that are not grounded on an observed research gap tend to fail at several points. However, the problem starts off when you come to think of this as a process of going through piles of research papers, white papers, and other literature to identify one single research gap which needs urgent attention of academia. If you are looking for Research Gap Identification Process, Contact us now.

What you need to do for identifying the research gap?

  • 1 Narrow Down On a Good Research TopicNarrow down the wider topic into a specific one containing sources in a more detailed manner. If you have selected topic which has double impression then avail our topic selection service & obtain a well-focused theme.
  • 2 Gather, Segregate and Read Collect relevant sources, segregate & organise them. Start reading with the introduction section to figure out the importance of that particular research and the gap mentioned by the author.
  • 3 Critically Analyze ResourcesCheck the demographics of the study, determine its limitations, are the arguments convincing and evaluate if the claims that are made connect with the research.
  • 4 Identify Gap Which Needs Dire AttentionSummarise what you have read, use charts, figures, etc. to identify the answers to the questions. Figure out the question that remains unanswered (research gap) and work on that particular issue.

Team of academic writers, subject matter experts at Academic Research are in touch with all the latest advancements made in their respective domains and keep track of gaps observed among fraternity. We assure you that the gap identified by us fulfills unanswered aspects of previous research and bridges the gap between the two studies.

Need any help in identifying the accurate research gap? Get in touch with the experts now at info@academicresearch.com.my.

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