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Phd Thesis Editing Service

After toiling to collect data, conduct an experiment, obtain precise findings, you wouldn't want your research paper get rejected owing to errors such as illogical flow, unstructured sentences, clarity, etc. While penning down a perfect research paper in the very first try is next to impossible, editing your piece of writing can help you eliminate all kinds of errors. Having served several clients, team at Academic Research can help you refine your research paper.

Scope of our service

  • 1 Check For ConsistencyWe thoroughly go through each phrase or section and ensure that there is consistency in content, numbers, voice, styles, etc.
  • 2 Attention to Repetitive IdeasEditors identify and eliminate unnecessary explanation, duplication, informative yet irrelevant concepts. If required, we also add relevant information.
  • 3 Checking for Academic Rigour We thoroughly check if you have included the necessary evidence to support your arguments, the key idea is conveyed in the intended manner, apt incorporation of technical words, etc.
  • 4 Evaluation of Formatting StylesOur editors will ensure that the relevant formatting style is implemented throughout the research paper and the guidelines of the specific style (APA 6th ed, MLA 8th version) is followed.

Besides checking for the quality of the content, we also ensure to eliminate every single language errors. We also make sure to adhere to the editing guidelines of your University or target journal while enhancing your piece of work. As we have subject-matter experts from all domains, we can help you in editing technical, management, life science or any other paper.

If you are not proficient in English language or are unable to improve the writing style, get in touch with our editing professionals and boost your academic journey. To know more about our research paper editing service, Email us at info@academicresearch.com.my

Interested in our service? Here’s how you can reach us!