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Plagiarism checking service

Plagiarism is an academic offense; whether done intentionally or unintentionally. Acknowledging and citing other authors’ work is a must to avoid unethical research practice and rejection of your paper. For scholars continuously involved in curating lengthy piece of writing, going through the entire work all over again to check for originality of content can be demanding. Our plagiarism check service helps you identify plagiarised content and take necessary steps to eliminate them to maintain the reputation and credibility as a researcher.

How we help you?

  • 1 Citation Analysis We employ citation-based plagiarism detection to examine the citation & reference to determine the similar pattern in citation sequence.
  • 2 Scrutinise for Duplicate ContentWe use top tools that detect and provide a detailed report on plagiarised content.
  • 3 Revise the ReportOur team goes through the report, highlights the issues and suggest possible solutions to overcome the duplicacy.
  • 4 Manual Inspection for Quotation MarksWe check for quotes in your research paper and ensure quotations marks are included, failing to which results in plagiarism. If the quotation marks are absent, we highlight such text to enable you to include the same.

Typically, universities or journals allow a small percent of plagiarism for technical paper (due to the occurrence of technical terms). While providing you with complete and authentic plagiarism report, we highlight the key areas that require absolute rewriting.

Acquire our help, get your research paper checked for plagiarism, eliminate duplicate content and get an approval from your review committee. However, if your submission is due & are running out of time to eliminate duplicate content, you can avail our plagiarism removal service and get access to zero-plagiarism paper. To know more about our service, message us at info@academicresearch.com.my.

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