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If you are a first-timer, you are bound to get comments, feedback, and improvement suggestions from your review committee. Academic research demands much more than linguistic or syntax perfection, and needs to be knowledge-infused, content-rich and compliant to a whole set of formatting guidelines. Having been in your shoes, we know this is hard, especially so if you are attempting at academic writing as a newbie.

How does our feedback correction help you?

  • 1 Subject-Related AdditionsIncompliance with the subject norms, irregularities in literature and findings, conclusions that are not data-backed, are no-no for a good research. We assign your research a dedicated expert from your same subject field.
  • 2 Language & Syntax Related Issues Our editing skills are flawless, catering to all english grammar rules.
  • 3 Content StructuringYour research might be suffering owing to logical inconsistencies and errors in sentence structuring redundancy, missing or too much information.
  • 4 Formatting and Citation ComplianceYour research documents must adhere to formatting and referencing guidelines prescribed by your university or target journal for easy approval.

Supervisors give all sorts of comments on your written documents; language enhancement, logical flow, academic compliances, formatting errors, missing or wrong citations, and other subject related inconsistencies. Our subject matter experts are all prepped up for any and every kind of feedback given by your review committee.

Want to avail our service? Contact our team by writing to info@academicresearch.com.my.

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