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Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Academic Research aims at offering unrivalled research help to scholars across Malaysia. Consisting of a team of 80+ academic writers, editors, statisticians, data executives and research consultants, we provide tailor-made solutions that suit the custom needs of scholars. We have the right blend of experience & expertise to assist you get ahead in academic career.

We have segregated our wide range of services into 3 phases. Here’s a detailed look at the list of services starting from initial designing and framework to final formatting and corrections. Read More

Research Phase 1

Laying a strong foundation to your research

Preliminary stages decide the fate of your research. We assist you in building a strong base for your study through the services listed below:

Research Phase 2

Converting your data or idea into read-worthy academic research

We present your vague idea as concrete research document and help you clear this essential stepping stone for academic success through:

Research Phase 3

Getting a ‘go’ from review committee

Having developed an eagle’s eye, we give your research a final finesse and polish it to be academically compliant via offering below mentioned services:


I took their editing service and must say it does do wonders to your research document. I could see the difference myself and so did my supervisors. Thanks guys for improving my grades!

Aisha Yap

For my research paper, I needed someone who knew my subject in and out. I knew my basics well, but failed at executing the research writing and presenting it in an academically compliant manner which was done by this team!

John Wong


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