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Exploratory in nature, qualitative primary data focus on gaining insights, reasoning and in-depth analysis. This type of data is collected using techniques including focus groups, case studies, observations, and individual interviews. With no standard approach applicable to coding different types of primary information (an essential step in data assessment), one would need a helping hand from the experts to triumph analysis process.

Milestones to fruitful data analysis

  • 1 FilteringOn identifying the research theme, we filter the data collected and eliminate the unnecessary information.
  • 2 CategorisationThe filtered data is further segregated and categorised (in terms of their nature) into small segments.
  • 3 CodificationAfter analysing the transcripts, we develop codes based on the theme & nature of the phenomenon. On generating codes, we provide you the same with its remarks or explanation.
  • 4 AnalysisThe developed codes are fed into software such as NVivo, Atlas.ti, MAXQDA, or any other qualitative software and perform data analysis.

Our statisticians, with the help of cutting-edge tools/technique to collect relevant data to ensure accurate results. We also guide you on how to use the specific tool, to code and steps involved in analysis process. Apart from performing data analysis, if you need some help in including data patterns or tables, you can opt for our chapters writing help service.

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