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Research Design

Research design, regarded as the ‘blueprint’ of a research aims at ensuring that evidence addresses the research problem explicitly. It typically includes data collection approach, use of equipment, etc. is diverse and varies widely depending on the theoretical paradigm. Having detailed insight to types of research design is a must to select the felicitous design to incorporate for your study.

Characteristics of a good research design

  • 1 ReliabilityA research design should indicate the formulation of research questions to make sure the standard of the obtained findings.
  • 2 ValidityA great research design should develop measuring tools which help in gauging outcomes as per the research objective.
  • 3 NeutralityThe findings of the study represented in research design must be neutral and free from all kinds of bias
  • 4 GeneralisationThe key results of the research design must not be limited to a particular sample and be applicable to all types of population.

Team at Academic Research help you select research design that identify the study problem, justifies its selection and synthesises previously published materials. Depending on the type of your study, we suggest you apt research design (descriptive, correlational, experimental, etc.) and also suggest you its strengths & weakness.

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