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Phd Data Collection

There is no iota of doubt that the success of a research largely depends on the quality of the data gathered. Collecting the data, that fits the objectives & hypothesis of your study requires undertaking of pilot study, besides understanding the potential of each variable. Pioneer in statistical consulting, we provide PhD data collection help to gather data (both qualitative & quantitative) for any kind of research.

Our end-to-end data collection solutions

  • 1 Remove Data RedundancyWe go through the gather collected and eliminate redundant data to make sure that only quality information is delivered to you.
  • 2 Support on Understanding Data Collection ProcessOur team not just accumulates data, but also briefly explains the steps involved in the process to enable you to understand the process and explain them to your supervisor.
  • 3 Development of Questionnaires/Interview QuestionsWe create questionnaire, survey questions and probe them on our peers before testing them on your target audience.
  • 4 Deliver Data In-Required FormatThe collected data in delivered to your in the required format. I.e., recording or audio form, field notes or photographs.

Comprised of statisticians and data collecting experts, we, at Academic Research, are capable of catering to the needs of your study by gathering primary & secondary data using various techniques including online interviews, surveys, observation, experiments, and many more. Whether you want us to gather information for social science research or humanities, we can do it all and deliver you the right-fit.

Whether you want to collect qualitative data or quantitative data, we can assist you in the same. Simply write to us at info@academicresearch.com.my.

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