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Review Paper Writing Service

A review paper, critically assessing the state-of-art of previous researches and contributing to the developments in a research field should be systematic, well-focused, critical and must be worth the reader's time. Curating a review paper while adhering to standards set to justify the validity of a research is onerous. We, at Academic Research, help scholars pen down a review paper that offers insights to existing research, reveal inconsistencies in the body of research and offer a platform for conceptual/theoretical frameworks.

What does a review paper include?

  • 1 IntroductionThis section comprises ‘big picture’ of the study. It defines the research topic and outlines the research idea, body of the paper and proposed study to give an idea to the reader as to what can be expected in upcoming sections.
  • 2 Body of the PaperHere the subsections of the paper are described. The experimental evidence and procedure, figures/ tables that represent the synthesis of data, and the controversies surrounding the topic/field are detailed out.
  • 3 ConclusionThis section restates the study rationale, pinpoints aspects that remained unanswered, and summarises the key findings.
  • 4 Literature CitedThe last section in a review paper, this chapter include citation of sources in the preferred formatting style.

Before starting with your project our team understands the latest advancements in your field of study discovers pattern among individual research piece and synthesises data from various resources. Acquire help from experts, summarise & consolidate previous researches, and provide scope for future research in your field of study.

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