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PhD Problem Statement Selection

Choosing a problem statement (regarded as the heart of the study) that sheds light on the pressing issue/problem or a condition to be enhanced in a field of study requires deep insight into the subject. Considering the research objectives, team at Academic Research, consisting of subject-matter experts hand-picks a problem statement that includes relative measures to quantify the gap between present & future studies. Contact us to know more about PhD problem statement selection help.

Attributes of good problem statement

  • 1 SpecificA good problem statement must narrow down & focus on specific issue and its possible solutions. It should also interest the researcher and suit his/her skills.
  • 2 ConciseThe essence of a problem statement must be condensed into a single statement and should define the objectives of the research.
  • 3 MeasurableProblem statement can be measured in terms of degree & frequency and a good statement must incorporate measurable factors for degree as well as frequency.
  • 4 EthicalWhile addressing and finding potential solutions for an issue, the problem statement shouldn’t hurt the sentiments of the individual or a community.

Our team scrutinises past experiments or research, determine their research questions and develop a problem statement for your study. Stating the problem statement in detail enables you to identify solutions, explicate research paradigm & methodology.

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